Things You Should Never Say to a Car Salesman

In the market for a new or used car? Knowing what you should never say to a car salesman is vitally important.

Keep in mind the people selling cars aren’t dishonest (in most cases). They’re just trying to make as much money possible from every transaction as they can. That’s the nature of the business. They’re going to take what you tell them and use it against you. 

I just LOVE this car! — The salesperson is going to use your passion against you. He or she knows you won’t have the power to walk out of the dealership. Plus, you’re just a target for upsells to make your dream car even more unique.

Here’s what I can spend a month — Never, ever buy a car on the basis of monthly payments. You will pay thousands more than you should. Figure out how much you can spend on the total price of a car and work the payments from there. 

I am an executive (fill in the blank) — There’s good advice from the folks at GoBankingRate. Don’t tell the salesperson you’re the president of Jones Widgets. Tell him or her you work there. Be sold the car that the dealer thinks you can afford — not the car you can actually afford. Let them sell you a Toyota and not a Lexus.

My credit isn’t that good – The salesperson is going to get you the highest interest rate loans they can because the dealership gets a cut of your financing. Arrange your own financing whenever you can. 

I was just in an accident — Or something similar that shows the salesperson you are in a rush to buy the car.  The salesperson knows you’re not going to leave the dealership. He has you on the hook. One of the smartest things you can do is walk away when the deal isn’t good. You’re not going to walk away if you need a car quickly. You’re going to get sold something you don’t want. As passionate as you may be about cars, remember to be practical when it comes time to buy one. Good salespeople are just going to feed off your passion.

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