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Few people reminisce buying or selling a used car. The process can be intimidating, time consuming, and financially exhausting. However, a number of new companies say it doesn’t have to be be that bad, and they’re taking big steps to make it possible. 

One of those companies is Beepi, which opened its digital doors in 2014 and offers a peer-to-peer used car marketplace for buyers and sellers. Sellers simply upload a description of their vehicle, a Beepi representative comes to their driveway to inspect the car. If approved, the vehicle will be listed for sale at a predetermined price, based on its value and retail quotes. After 30 days, if the car hasn’t sold to another user, Beepi will buy it from them. For car shoppers who loathe a trip to the car dealership, the new service makes getting in or out of car ownership a fairly hands-off process, though that’s not to say Beepi will say yes to any old car. According to USA Today, the firm rejects two out of every three cars that an inspector examines due to condition. 

New Company Beepi is Changing How People Buy and Sell Cars

The flip side of that scrutiny is that it allows future buyers access to only fresh and unblemished used cars on the market. One of the drawbacks is that you can’t actually drive the car prior to purchase. Beepi says its inspection representatives ensure the cars drive as they should, and makes up for the no-test-drive policy by offering a 10-day (or 1,000 mile) money back guarantee if the car you buy doesn’t cut the mustard. The digital age has opened the door to companies like Beepi in carving out an alternative to the conventional car dealership, however it isn’t alone in this brave new world. Both Vroom and Carvana have mounted similar missions to streamline the used car buying/selling process, and with the growing trend of digital over brick-and-mortar sales, all look poised to be facets of the car market going forward.

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