Tip #1 - Wipers Up!

The first big snow storm of the season just hit the Northeast, and folks certainly buckled down. We got pummeled last winter and though the previous snowfall should be fresh in everyone’s mind, people tend to forget how to drive in and deal with the snow. Here are a few reminders and awesome tips to make getting to work and school during snow season a lot easier.

Wipers Up!

Five Things You Can Do To Prepare For a Winter Storm

This is one of the easiest ways to improve dealing with snow and ice. Most of the time, you come out to a snow-covered car, and have to dig off the snow just to find the wipers so that you can lift them up and clear out underneath them. Or if there is freezing rain, you might find the wipers completely stuck to the glass. Just leave them up and keep them out of the snow and ice!

Bring Your Scraper With You:

Five Things You Can Do To Prepare For a Winter Storm

The worst feeling is when you open your car door after a storm to start the car and get the scraper, and you let a solid clump of snow fall right onto the driver’s seat. The same seat that you’ll be placing your derriere on right after standing out in the cold, scraping the car off. Take the scraper inside at night, and leave it next to the door. You won’t be scrambling around the back seat of the car while you let the snow in!


Five Things You Can Do To Prepare For a Winter Storm

You might think its wise to just run out of the house without gloves, thinking you’ll be warm in the car, but until the car is warmed up, you’ll be freezing. Leave a pair of gloves in the center console that you can toss on while the heat finally kicks in. Also, the day after could have a lot of glare from the road, so even if it doesn’t look like a sunny day, bring a pair of shades so you don’t blind yourself.

Washer Fluid, Lots of It:

Five Things You Can Do To Prepare For a Winter Storm

When the snow has fallen, and the roads are covered in a nasty, brown slush, it ends up leaving streaks on your windshield. In those times, I’m spraying my windshield constantly, and run out of washer fluid pretty quickly. Make sure you’ve topped that stuff off when its comfortable out, and keep an extra bottle in the back seat just in case.

Remote Start: 

Five Things You Can Do To Prepare For a Winter Storm

This would have been more optimal a few weeks ago, but its never too late to have a remote starter installed. Why waste your time going out to the car, starting it and letting it warm up, when you can just press a button and let it warm up while you stay inside!

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