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The 2021 holiday shopping season is officially underway. Perhaps you braved some brick-and-mortar stores on Black Friday, but today is Cyber Monday – the domain of online bargain hunters. What kind of deals are percolating on the internet for the car-crazy crowd?

To find out, we jumped over to Amazon in search of some inexpensive auto-themed gifts. Don't worry, we ignored fuzzy steering wheel covers, generic floormats, and other facepalm-worthy items to find some legit things that car enthusiasts will appreciate. Some are more expensive than others, and at least one is aimed at future gearheads.

Keep in mind that prices could change at any time, and doesn't endorse any products on this list. We just think these are good deals on cool car-related stuff. That said, let's do some shopping.

AZDOME M550 Three-Channel Dash Cam


Price: $134.99

Dash cams are items you don't think you need until that one incident where video would save the day. This three-channel cam records activity at the front, rear, and inside the car for all-around monitoring. It's GPS capable, it records in low light, and it has a four-star review at Amazon. There are all kinds of dash cams available, but we don't often see a three-channel device at this price point.

NOCO Boost HD GB70 2000 Amp 12-Volt Lithium Jump Starter Box


Price: $123.39

A jump box isn't necessarily a glamourous gift, but like the dash cam, it's pure gold for the one time you really need it. This is a hefty jump box too, packing 2000 amps of starting power. Yeah, it has a flashlight and other stuff you'll probably never use, but its compact size and impressive power make this one special. It has a full five-star rating, and with Amazon listing its normal price at $250.00, this could be the best deal of them all.

NASCAR 21: Ignition For Xbox / PlayStation / PC



The latest NASCAR racing installment from Motorsport Games looks fantastic and is packed with tracks, drivers, and all the official content that NASCAR fans love. We've played the game; it's a nice mix of sim and arcade-style action that can be as simple or authentic as you want it to be. Look for our review coming soon, but at $34.99 it's an easy win for car-crazy gamers.

ANCEL AD310 OBD II Code Scanner


Price: $29.74

Don't put electrical tape over that check engine light. This code scanner from Ancel is literally plug-and-play, offering clear instructions on how to use it along with a simple description of any codes detected. It reads stored codes, on-demand codes, and can even give real-time data while your car is running. For less than $30, this 4.5 star-rated scanner is an extremely handy item for shade-tree mechanics and do-it-yourselfers at any level.

Kid Trax USPS Mail Carrier 6-Volt Electric Ride-On


Price: $195.49

Sure, you could get your kid a mini McLaren or a Bronco electric ride-on car, but this USPS truck is freaking adorable. It's got working headlights, a working horn, an FM radio with MP3 input, and flat-out it will hit 2.5 mph. It also checks in under $200 as of this posting, making it a bit easier on parents' bank accounts. And we doubt your 3-5 year-old would have any less fun with this than a $300 ride-on Range Rover.

Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses


Price: $147.70

At some point, you've probably seen ads for Ray-Bans selling for just $15! You probably don't want to click that, but these classic aviators are the real deal, and hey, if the kids get a cool EV mail truck, mom or dad (or both) deserve some primo driving shades. Sure, you could go with Wayfarers or Clubmasters, but classic Ray-Ban Aviators are our choice for motoring. That's especially true when it comes to roofless cars, and for a little while anyway, these classic shades are a decent deal.

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