Here’s a bit of fun to take you into the last weekend of June. Automotive quizzes can be addicting, and this one puts a spin on the genre by seeking car and movie names whilst searching for “parts” in a virtual junkyard.

The quiz comes from Leasing Options in the UK, and we’ll give credit where credit is due. The team dropped some very obvious items in the junkyard – it’s impossible to miss the General Lee’s door – but some wrecked components are hard to find and even harder to identify. Here’s a suggestion before diving into the quiz yourself: your car-movie trivia will need to be broad and stretch back to the 1960s.

Here’s how the quiz works. The junkyard image in the quiz below is interactive, and you'll need to move the screen around to see the entire image. Click and drag with your mouse, or on mobile devices use your finger to drag the image around. If you see something that looks familiar, click or touch it. That will bring up a dialog box asking for the name of the film and the name of the car associated with it.


There are 20 car parts hiding in this junk pile. That means a flawless victory in this quiz gets you 60 points total – 1 point for each part you find, and 1 point for each correct answer for car and movie. There isn’t a penalty for typing in a wrong answer, and actually, you’ll get a helpful hint on the movie the car comes from. As for the actual car, you’re completely on your own.

Well, you’re not completely alone. If the quiz simply boggles your mind to frustration, you can click this link for all the answers. But you’re totally not going to do that, because you’re a car trivia boss of the highest magnitude, right?

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