Your ship has finally come in, but unfortunately, it looks more like a very nice Jet Ski, not the ocean liner you thought it would be. Rather than the multi-million-dollar windfall you’d hoped would get you into a brand-spanking-new Lamborghini, you’re only going to be able to budget about 50 large for your next car. Not to worry, because we at are here for you with this list of 15 supercars you can buy for less than $50,000, and if you don’t tell the neighbors, they just might think you spent a lot more.

Where possible, we tried to use official valuation tools such as those from Hagerty and Kelley Blue Book. We also searched used car listing sites such as TrueCar to verify that vehicles could indeed be found within a good negotiation session of that $50,000 price cap. This list includes a variety of engine types, driven wheels, and body styles, because we like to have options when spending your imaginary money. But one thing unites each one of these machines – impressive badges, exotic power plants, and look-at-me styling.

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