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A few weeks back, you may recall a list similar to this one. It featured five common and uncommon car-connected names given to boys in the United States, based on a study from Choose My Car. The study also included car-themed names for girls, and we couldn’t resist revisiting the subject because let’s face it – what cruel parents would ever dream of naming their daughter Ford?

Not that there’s anything wrong with Ford (the automaker) or Ford (the name). Still, it’s better than being named Subaru, which was the least common boys' name in the States. The methodology for determining these auto-themed names comes from taking a deep dive into U.S. data through the Social Security Administration that is available to the public. Choose My Car looked at names for boys and girls born since 2000, and omitted extremely common names that happen to coincide with automaker brands to create this list.

As with the previous slideshow for boys, this one includes 10 names total starting with the five most common. It ends with the five least common, and remember, these are first names, not surnames. There are certainly plenty of girl names that make sense, and there are even a few that are shared between boys and girls. But there are definitely some that have us asking what were these parents thinking?

Jump into the slideshow at the top of the article to see how it all shakes down.

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