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We’ve been seeing all kinds of Black Friday deals from automakers on new cars, but what about secondhand rides? Not everyone is prepared to plunk down big cash for something fresh off the showroom floor, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t buyers seeking used car deals. It turns out, dealerships are keen to offer special pricing on used cars too, and a recent study shows which models are most likely to see the biggest discounts.

Of course, pricing can fluctuate wildly in the used segment, so individual results will certainly vary. That said, iSeeCars took a deep dive into last year’s Black Friday sales stats to find some interesting trends. The study looked at more than 41,000 sales that occurred just on Black Friday 2018, and found 33 percent more deals in general compared to the norm. In other words, regardless of the specific vehicle you’re considering, there’s a better chance you’ll be able to score at least some kind of discount on this busiest shopping day of the year. The study did reveal some specific models see larger deals than others, however.

The good news here is that the list isn’t dominated by any specific brand or segment. Whether you’re shopping for an SUV or a minivan, sports car, hatchback, or a truck, you’ll find something here. The bad news is, if you’re still loyal to sedans, that’s the only segment not part of this list. Perhaps that means there’s still a strong demand for four-door cars despite what U.S. automakers are saying.

Please note that the discounts on this list aren’t represented by a dollar amount, but a percentage. In short, given equal percentages, the more expensive vehicle will have a larger actual price discount. A small hatchback with a 10 percent discount probably won't be as lucrative as a luxury SUV with a 6 percent deal. Keep that in mind as you browse the slideshow above, counting down from lowest to highest discount percentage-wise.

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