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The Toyota Corolla. Depending on who you talk to, this is either a humdrum compact runabout, a legendary Japanese drift machine, or an enduring nameplate that serves every part of the world. Regardless of opinion, the fact is that Corolla is indeed everywhere. Well over 44 million have been sold since the first Corolla debuted in 1966, and it’s been among the best-selling cars in the world for decades now.

Why is that? Chalk it up to versatility and reliability. The Corolla has always been a small car, but depending on where you live in the world it’s also been a small wagon, a front-wheel-drive grocery getter, a sporty rear-wheel-drive hot hatchback, and an all-wheel-drive rally fighter. It’s evolved over its 53-year history to accommodate different markets, with different Corolla generations often existing simultaneously as the slideshow above will demonstrate. In fact, the three most recent generations are still available today.

We’ve seen the Corolla evolve from the outside, but our friends at Budget Direct have focused on the plucky Toyota’s interior for this evolution slideshow. As with our previous interior evolution features, this trip through time includes some fun period-correct Easter eggs dropped into the renderings, be it interesting album covers or groovy apparel.

Hit the slideshow above for a fun journey through history as viewed behind the wheel of the Toyota Corolla, and hit the links below for more interior evolution features. 

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