When the Honda Civic entered the scene in 1973, we doubt anyone – even Honda executives – would’ve guessed just how big the little car would get. Of course, we're speaking metaphorically here, though it has certainly grown in physical size since that first small five-door hatchback. What hasn’t changed over the Civic’s 47-year lifespan is the basic formula that propelled it to superstardom in the first place.  

What is that formula, you ask? Back in the day, a small hatchback was regarded as a cheap car. By that, we mean basic transportation cheap, as in shoddy build quality with icky materials, a pathetic engine, no options, and no redeeming qualities. Honda stepped into that market with a car that was inexpensive but not cheap, featuring an attractive interior that was comfortable, a driving experience that was enjoyable, and most importantly, a track record for quality and exceptional reliability. It was so good that it’s arguably the import that broke through Detroit’s seemingly impenetrable hold on the auto industry in America.

Our friends at Budget Direct have compiled a new series of nostalgia-fueled renderings that depict each of the Civic’s 10 generations as experienced from the driver’s perspective. As with previous interior slideshows, the renderings are graced with musical Easter eggs that reflect each Civic generation. Join us now for a short stroll down memory lane to see how this game-changing compact hatchback has evolved through the years.

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