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The Porsche Taycan Turbo starts at $150,900. The more-powerful Taycan Turbo S, meanwhile, costs $185,000 to start. But once you start ticking option boxes, things get pricey. 

We fiddled with the 2020 Taycan's configurator and watched the cost of this car skyrocket at every click. The already-pricey EV's expensive options list includes expensive paint, leather, wheels, and exterior design accessories. We watched the price hike to over $200,000 without trying – and assuming you tick all the option boxes (yes, even the optional ski bag), the Taycan will cost you more than $240,000. 

But neglecting costs, we designed our dream Porsche Taycan using the company's online configurator. Some of us were more frugal than others – but there's no denying that no matter how you spec it, the Taycan is a stunning machine.

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