Last month, Chevy unveiled the 2020 Corvette Stingray after years of denials, prototypes, and countless trademark filings that laid bare Chevy's mid-engine aspirations for the sports car. With the new chassis layout came an all-new interior unlike anything ever seen in a Corvette before. It's driver-focused with a clear division between driver and passenger. But that hasn't always been the case. The Corvette's interior has changed a lot over its 67-year history, as has its exterior.

The folks at Budget Direct came up with a series of sketches to show how the Corvette interior has evolved since the sports car arrived in 1953, highlighting each Corvette generation from the C1 to the C8. The first three Corvette generations had a very symmetrical look to the interior with the instrument panel centered nicely. It wasn't until the C4 arrived in 1984 when Chevy toyed with a driver-focused interior, discreetly dividing the passenger and driver seats.

Chevy toned down the division in the C5 and C6 before dividing the interior again in the C7. The driver-focused interior is taken to the extreme in the C8 with an even more significant divide between the seats and the HVAC controls placed in a unique position. For as much as the Corvette's interior has changed, it's not all that different. Yes, it's far more complicated than ever before with more information available to the driver, but there's still a steering wheel, radio, speedometer and tach, and HVAC controls.

Each sketch is a window in a different era of not only the Corvette but the automobile as well. Pop culture is also represented, too, with various albums and music mediums shown in the sketches, corresponding to the era. The Corvette is an icon, and for many of its owners, the interior is a second home.

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