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For most cars and crossovers in today’s market, the average life cycle of a particular platform lasts about five years, give or take. At that point, technology and engineering begin to catch up, forcing manufacturers to move their vehicles to newer platforms with the latest tech and most efficient engines. And yes, while we typically prefer the latest, fastest, and most futuristic when it comes to new cars, occasionally it’s fun to take a look at – shall we say – the less-modern crop of cars, trucks, and SUVs currently on sale today. 

These 20 vehicles make our list as the oldest, most outdated options on sale today. Based on the first model year using their same platforms, none of these cars are under 10 years old. Some models, in fact, are more than 15 years old as they sit. And you can still buy all of them here and now in the U.S. in 2019.

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