From Toyota to Tesla, these cars are embracing the self-driving future.

Today, technology is growing at a rate five times faster than it was 10 years ago, and autonomous driving is rapidly becoming a reality. Vehicles such as Tesla may have fully self-driving technology, but many of the more affordable automobiles such as Toyota, Honda, and Ford are integrating autonomous features into their basic packages. 

Reliability is also important to consider when it comes to affordability. After all, anyone can buy an affordable five-year-old car, but how long you will be able to drive it? The lifecycle of a vehicle may vary based on the care received, but the manufacturer of the vehicle also plays a role in long-term reliability. Our slide-show above provides a breakdown of five affordable sedans (under $40,000) with self-driving features that will benefit any day to day driver.

Hit the slideshow above to see how these rides can protect not only your wallet, but also give you peace of mind that your car can protect you.

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