With over $20,000 in modifications, this tuner car will make sure you never miss the outgoing production Focus RS.

We're going to miss the Ford Focus RS, but thanks to Dream Giveaway, there's a chance you could win a custom 2017 Ford Focus RS with 450 horsepower and over $20,000 in modifications. That should make your tears of abandonment dry up real quick. Plus, they're offering an exclusive promotion for Motor1.com readers: You'll get twice the number of entry tickets with a minimum donation of $25. Just use the promo code VJ0719F. If you win, Dream Giveaway will even include $10,000 extra to help with taxes.

Double your entry tickets if you donate $25 or more with promo code VJ0719F.

This grand prize 2017 Ford Focus RS has been up-fitted to become as hot as a hatch dares to be. The 20 grand in mods starts with a slew of performance upgrades from Extreme Turbo Systems that raises the turbocharged 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine's stock rating from 350 horsepower to 450 hp. To improve handling, the suspension has received new sway bars and rear end links from Whiteline, as well as a full V3 coilover kit from KW. Advan Racing wheels, Nexen N'Fera SUR4G tires, a removable Watson 4-point roll bar, and Schroth Racing harness are also included for the inevitable track days this whip will see. 

Finally, this SEMA-quality Focus RS has been topped with a Nitro Blue exterior paint job that itself cost over $7,000. We love the look; it avoids appearing like a Fast and Furious car while still showing off the great lines of the Focus RS.

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Winning this custom 2017 Ford Focus RS is as easy as donating to a worthy causeClick here, make a donation, and you're automatically entered to win. As an exclusive for Motor1.com readers, Dream Giveaway will even double your entry tickets if you donate $25 or more. That means a $25 donation will get you 40 tickets total instead of just 20. 

So click here and make a donation of $25 or more to enter to win this custom 2017 Ford Focus RS. There's no better way to say goodbye to the factory RS than to welcome this custom one into your home.