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We've driven a lot of vehicles so far in 2019, and for every one we've reviewed, each has received a star rating based on a carefully constructed formula we use to rate them. As you might expect, some vehicles sank in the ratings like a brick in water, but these 10 are the ones that rose to the surface. 

Sure, plenty of the highest-rated vehicles we've tested so far in 2019 were crossovers or SUVs, but sedans, trucks, and even minivans also made our top 10 list. In fact, the highest-rated vehicle of all is one you probably wouldn't expect. 

Each vehicle we test follows the same formula. They are rated using seven different categories, each with multiple subcategories, and their scores are determined relative to each vehicle's competitive class. So when judging, say, a Camry, we ask ourselves, is its styling, performance, safety, etc. better than the cars it competes against? As such, each review we publish includes a list at the bottom of the vehicle's competitors against which it was judged. For more on how we review new vehicles, check out a more detailed explanation here.

So which vehicles we've reviewed in 2019 so far have outscored the rest? Click next to find out.

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