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The long-term Honda Pilot accomplished quite a bit during its six-month stint at our headquarters in Miami, Florida. In addition to winning a comparison test, going jet ski racing, and racking up thousands of miles, the Pilot fulfilled its primary role of aiding with local video production and photo shoots.

A big three-row crossover is quite handy when it comes to producing photos and video in the South Florida sun. From cargo space to Cabin Talk, the Pilot had us covered with its bevy of comfort and convenience features, making days in the field a much less arduous process. It didn’t take long to realize that video crews appreciate the same family-friendly luxuries that a big crossover offers, just for different reasons. 

After six months of shooting in the books, we’ve compiled a list of the most helpful features that the Honda Pilot has to offer. Odds are, if they worked for our crew, they’ll likely work for you and your family, too. 

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