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What does your average sedan look like? Or crossover? Or ute? What are design features unique to an SUV, a truck, or a convertible? Vehicle design today is vital to automakers that have to compete for consumers’ attention and dollars. While companies find fascinating and unique ways to differentiate their products, there are only so many ways to slice the sheet metal. And some vehicle designs do look similar to that of their competitors.

But what if you averaged the design of every make and model within a singular body style into one vehicle? Budget Direct was curious about that, too, so they decided to average the design of seven popular body styles. The results are an odd blend of similar design ethos paired with an averaging of each vehicle’s unique aesthetics.

Budget Direct started with a list of body styles, narrowing it down to seven of the most popular – SUVs, crossovers, and trucks – and interesting body styles such as utes. From there, the team took front and rear images of the top 25 models in sales and popularity, threw them into an averaging algorithm, and created the average vehicle for each body style. Click through the slideshow to see the average vehicle of all seven.

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