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Let’s play a game. Imagine for a minute that you could create your dream three-car garage. It’s an unreachable fantasy for most of us, barring a winning lottery ticket or large inheritance from a billionaire uncle. But in this case, we’re tossing reality to the side and asking for the ultimate three-car garage. Oh, but there is a catch: those three cars have to come from the same manufacturer, and to increase the stakes, these will be the last three cars you ever own. Not so easy now, is it?

The idea, inspired by a Twitter thread started by our friend Mack Hogan, got us thinking about which cars we'd choose for our three-car, single-manufacturer dream garage? Social media provided some of answers – some sensible, some hilarious – a number of which we've embedded below. But members of the team (including editors of our sister sites, InsideEVs and Latino) have our own choices.

See if you agree with any of our single-make dream garages. And let us know in the comments below which cars you'd choose.



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