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Indeed, if you have to ask what a Lamborghini costs you probably can’t afford it. Nobody walks into a Lambo dealership ready to wheel and deal on price, and we’d bet the majority of buyers never even ask about the cost until they’re ready to sign a check. But many of us who will never so much set foot onto a Lamborghini showroom floor are likely curious to know how much we’d have to pony up for the pleasure of owning one, should any of us win the lottery and suddenly become extremely wealthy. 

The current lineup consists of the low-slung and decidedly exotic Aventador and Huracan sports cars, and the hot-blooded Urus sport-utility vehicle. As is Lamborghini’s custom, all of its vehicles are named for famed fighting bulls. According to company lore, its founder, Ferruccio Lamborghini, was a lover of bulls and born under the sign of Taurus (a bull is also featured on the brand’s logo).

We’ve compiled pricing for Lamborghini’s 2020 lineup, including many available comfort, convenience, and performance-enhancing options, as well myriad custom paint and interior trim treatments for customization. All are the manufacturer’s suggested retail prices.

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