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If you recall from a couple weeks ago, we featured 10 cars that made financial sense to buy new instead of used based on a study from A new study is out showing the other end of the spectrum, listing the ten cars you should never buy brand new.

As before, the list is based solely on financials. These vehicles suffer big depreciation hits after leaving the dealer lot, which can translate to significant savings over purchasing brand new if you’re okay with a lightly used model. Specifically, iSeeCars analyzed the prices of over 7 million cars sold, spanning last August through January. In this case, lightly used means a one-year-old car with average mileage. Comparisons are made with identical brand-new models.

Vehicles on the list are ordered by percentage from “best” to worst, but we also include real-world dollar figures to better gauge the total savings. On average, one-year-old vehicles cost 23 percent less than comparable new models. By comparsion, this list starts at 31 percent.

Jump into the slideshow above to see how it all shakes out.


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