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Everybody would like a new car, but from a financial standpoint, it can be very difficult to justify. It’s not uncommon for new vehicles to instantly lose thousands of dollars in value after just a single mile, simply because it’s not technically a new vehicle anymore. A recent report from shows the average price for a one-year-old vehicle is over 30 percent less than the same model sitting new on a dealer lot.

However, some vehicles fare better in this department than others.

The same report identifies 10 vehicles that buck the trend. The price differences between these new and used models are far smaller, with the lowest on the list averaging just $2,300 more when sitting untouched in a dealer showroom. As you browse the slideshow you’ll notice some definite trends, both in types of vehicles and automakers featured. In fact, one manufacturer dominates nearly half this list. Care to make any guesses before you start the show?

This list goes from worst to first as ranked by percentage. We’ll also include an average dollar figure to help visualize how that translates to real-world transactions. In short, it makes more sense to buy these 10 vehicles brand new instead of waiting for the depreciation hit.


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