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Editor’s Note: The opinions here do not reflect as a whole. Each opinion is the author’s own, so send hate mail accordingly.

Some people love their cars the same way they love their children. To say something negative about a Mazda Miata or Ford Mustang, for example, will leave certain people red-faced and filled with rage – and understandably so.  Cars cause a lot of complex emotions. Maybe a certain classic was passed down from your grandfather, and thus, holds memories. Or maybe the ratty convertible you purchased as a teen was where you had your first kiss.

Whatever the case, we’re here to burst your bubble.

These are a handful of cars that we absolutely abhor. And for one reason or another, we decided to put them all into a single list. We know you probably won’t agree with most of them, but just the thought of driving these cars leaves us in disgust.

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