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Twenty-eighteen was a big year for the auto industry. Falling gas prices meant more of a consumer push for crossovers and three-row SUVs. More electric vehicles were introduced than ever before. And while sedans continue their downward trend, a handful of new offerings added some variety to the segment for the first time in a long time.

Now, with the calendar year coming to a close, we look back at some of the best and brightest vehicles of the year. Of the more than 100 vehicles that we drove in 2018, these are the 25 best – as decided by our editors using our intensive review system.

Each vehicle we test follows the same formula. The cars are scored using seven different categories weighted based on each segment. We don't break down our vehicle segments into separate categories based on size or price, which means all sedans are judged against each other – no matter the size or price.

The full list of categories we score are as follows:

  • Pricing
  • Design & Exterior
  • Interior & Comfort
  • Technology & Connectivity
  • Performance & Handling
  • Safety Features
  • Running Costs & Fuel Economy
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