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Supercars and sports cars typically spend a lifetime in production limbo. Take the current Acura NSX, for example, which was announced in 2007, but didn’t show up as a production model until 2016. For the Toyota Supra in particular – a car arguably even more hotly anticipated than the NSX – it feels like it’s been in the works even longer.

And that’s because it has. The fourth-gen Supra bowed out of the market for good in 2002, but it didn’t take long for rumors of a reborn coupe to circulate. There have been whispers of a new Supra since 2007, but it won’t be until 2019 that we see the final product debut in January at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Talk about a tease.

Join us for an interesting review of the new Supra's development history so far by clicking the slideshow above, starting with the first rumors to our seat time in a preproduction 2019 model. The wait is nearly over.

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