You’ll have to drive a sedate SUV or minivan If you want to save the most money on your auto insurance premiums.

Auto insurance is a numbers game. The cost of a given motorist’s premiums depends on the perceived likelihood he or she will eventually file a claim. Younger drivers, particularly those of the male persuasion, are considered among the highest risks for getting into collisions, and as such are usually charged the highest rates. You can also expect to pay more if you have moving violations or accidents on your driving record. Similarly, living deep within an urban environment places one at a greater risk of having a car stolen or sideswiped while parked on a busy city street. And so on.

But one variable any motorist can easily control to help minimize his or her premiums is to simply choose a model that’s cheaper to insure in the first place. For better or worse, that means sticking to a vehicle that’s safe, sane, and affordable. In other words, check your luxury- and sports-car ambitions at the door if you want cheaper insurance rates.

According to’s annual ranking of the least-expensive vehicles to insure, the top 10 are all family-minded minivans and sport utility vehicles. That’s based on nationally averaged rates for full coverage computed using an identical driver profile for all models at six major insurance carriers in multiple ZIP codes in each state and the District of Columbia.

"Vehicles that cost less to insure are normally those driven by safe drivers, such as those carrying around kids," explains’s consumer analyst Penny Gusner. "More parents have moved to driving SUVs, and as a result we have seen SUVs take over the least expensive list.” Cheaper cars also tend to be less costly to repair and reach a lower threshold before being "totaled" after an accident, which likewise helps keep rates affordable.

We’re featuring the cheapest vehicles to insure for 2018 in the accompanying slideshow. We’ll look at a far more entertaining list of cars slapped with the most expensive insurance premiums this side of a Bugatti in a separate post.