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In 2018 America, we know that SUVs and crossovers are sales champions. That doesn’t automatically mean every model is a smashing success, and it definitely doesn’t mean they always sell like hotcakes. That's especially true in the used car market, and a recent study from is rather eye-opening in that respect. The study lists the top 10 used cars that sit on dealer lots the longest, and despite current market trends, the majority are SUVs and crossovers with sedans filling in the rest.

How much time are we talking about? The study analyzed over four million used vehicles up to three years old, and found the average time-to-sale was 46.4 days. By comparison, every vehicle on this slow-selling list takes over 60 days to find a new home, with the slowest of the slow needing almost 70 days to garner a sold sticker.

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