It's the dog days of summer, so load up one of these rides and hit the road while the weather is warm.

While it's hard to believe, summer is already winding down. In the U.S., the Labor Day holiday is a month away, and after that autumn is right around the corner. If you haven't taken a vacation yet this year, now is the perfect time for a road trip. Let the team recommend to you what to take on that last-minute cross-country jaunt.

The crew came up with quite a diverse fleet of vehicles. Some of us want a camper van that doubles as a place to rest after a day on the road, others prefer the excitement of being behind the wheel of a V8-powered pony car. Whether you're hauling a whole family or just looking to have a weekend away as a couple, there's a perfect choice here. Click the arrow above to see our picks.

These Models Might Be Fun For A Road Trip, Too:

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