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It's easy to look at the gorgeously restored Ford Broncos and Toyota FJs that come out of shops like Icon and lust after them. However, paying six-figure prices for an occasional-use vehicle is out of the grasp for most people. Instead, let's look at what's possible at the other end of the financial spectrum. All of the SUVs on this list are available to park in your driveway for $5,000 or less.

These rigs would be perfect for folks that already have two daily drivers but just need a little something extra. The SUVs here would be great for taking off-road every once in a while, and many of them would also be ideal for loading up with dirt and rocks during a sporadic run to Home Depot. Plus, all of them offer four- or all-wheel drive either as standard or as an option, so if bad weather is a concern, these third vehicles could be a lifesaver if Mother Nature has a bad day.

Before you dive into the list, be advised that the prices listed here are based on the low range of Kelley Blue Book values. The condition of the SUV, where you live, your skill at haggling, and a variety of other factors could easily affect the cost of any of these machines.

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