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Racing is a double-edged sword. You don’t ever want to crash, but the only way to win is to push driver and machine to the ragged edge of crashing. If you can ride that very fine line between glory and catastrophe, you'll be a champion. But even champions go too far sometimes.

Fortunately, Goodwood is generally a forgiving place when drivers push too hard. Considering some of the vintage cars that tackle the hill climb, that’s a good thing. Not that crashing a new $500,000 race car isn’t a big deal, but spinning a classic F1 car basically built with unobtainium can easily lead to cardiac arrest for the driver, car owner, and at least 20 percent of the people watching.

Consider that a small warning before embarking on this slideshow, which features some of this year’s spins, close calls, and collisions at the famous hill climb. Thankfully none were catastrophic, but a few could leave you with an irregular heartbeat.

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