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Camper Vans are something of a novelty, today. The idea of leaving your roots behind to enjoy life on the road – or down by the ocean – isn’t new. People have packed up plenty of times for the nomadic lifestyle. However, finding the right camper van can be a struggle. How much room do you need? How much can you afford? Do you want to sleep under the stars or some artificial ones? These Nissan camper vans look nice, right?

Compare The Market drew up seven concepts of what a camper van from several luxury automakers could look like. This is both exciting because camper vans are fun, and disheartening because these will never enter production. Some look like they could be right at home in an automaker’s portfolio while others appear more farfetched. Either way, it is interesting to see a Ferrari camper van. We would hope its powered by a 600-plus-horsepower V12 engine, naturally. 

Source: Compare The Market

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