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Could the Lamborghini Countach be the greatest supercar of all time? That’s a bold statement; in fact it’s a very bold statement when considering such deliciously exotic machines as the Ferrari F40, Pagani Zonda, and Bugatti Veyron, not to mention more recent Lambos like the Murcielago and Aventador. And yet, there’s something about the Countach that endures, or rather, transcends the passage of time. Despite its origin in the early 1970s, this car still doesn’t look old.

Fortunately, we have some help from legendary cutaway artist David Kimble to answer this question. For over 50 years Kimble has recreated iconic autos like the Countach in astonishing detail, but it’s tough to comprehend just how intricate and amazing his handiwork is without taking a properly close look beneath the skin. When you realize it’s all done the old-fashioned way with pencils and an airbrush, the artistry in the details ascends to a whole new level.

Join us as we take a truly unique, up-close look at the Countach – specifically an early U.S.-spec 5000s Quattrovalvole – through the eyes and artistic talents of Kimble. If this cutaway slideshow convinces you that this is in fact the greatest supercar ever, we’ll completely understand.

Photo by: David Kimble
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