When it comes to large vehicles that carry people and/or things, SUVs and crossovers certainly dominate pretty much every corner of the globe. And why not? These machines offer great interior space, comfortable accommodations for more than just a couple people, and in most cases they have some measure of off-road ability. They seem to be the perfect choice for all situations, but we’re not ready to count out the plucky full-size sedan just yet. After all, how many SUVs and crossovers actually see conditions that a sedan couldn’t handle?

Beyond that, you’re generally going to find better fuel economy with the sedan’s sleeker shape. That’s especially true with the current crop of hybrids like the new Acura RLX, which you’ll see later on this list. Sedans are also typically lighter than much of the comparable SUV competition, which can further add to economy as well as performance. And you know enthusiasts will always prefer the lower center-of-gravity in a car for impromptu back-roads dancing sessions.

That’s why we felt the need to remind the world that sedans are still out there, and they’re worth a second look before you follow the masses on that SUV purchase. Here are seven full-sizers we like, and a specific reason why we’d choose each one.

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