The iconic pickup gets a digital makeover courtesy of students at Detroit's College for Creative Studies.

The Ford F-150 is an icon. It remains America’s best-selling vehicle for 2017, marking an impressive 41 years at the top of the charts, including a momentous 896,000 examples of the pickup moved last year alone. With that in mind, what would it take to reimagine such an iconic vehicle? A few students at Detroit’s College for Creative Studies were tasked with doing just that.

Students set off in September to create what they believed would be the ideal F-150 of the future. Everything from outrageous off-roaders, to single-seat city movers were included in the study, but these 11 examples in particular stood out as the most imaginative of the bunch. Each of the concepts propose what could theoretically become of the Ford F-150 in the next century.

At the end of the competition, Ford selected three of the best renderings for a prize. Students Song "Daniel" Yixuan, Josh Blundo, and Seung Woo "Chris" Song each walked away with a $3,000 scholarship, and accolades that could potentially get them hired with the Blue Oval in the future.

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