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2017 is almost in the rear view mirror, which means it’s time to take a look back through the automotive halls at cars that had a rough go of it this year. This isn’t simply a collection of the worst-selling cars – anyone can look up a 2017 data sheet and find that information. Instead, we want to shine a digital spotlight on machines that are far better than their dismal sales numbers suggest.

It’s true that sport-utility and crossover vehicles are all the rage these days. It’s also true that every vehicle on this list is a car, so we understand where at least some of the un-love is coming from. Still, that doesn’t make up for what we perceive are some serious injustices occurring in the automotive realm.

With a couple exceptions, every vehicle on this list sold less than 5,000 units in 2017. And since we’ve excluded vehicles that were cancelled this year, you can still step up in 2018 to score any one of these unsung rides. Click through our slideshow to see why we think these slow-selling cars are worthy of your hard-earned dollars.

2017 in review:

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