While the biggest perk of the holidays is the extra time to spend with friends and family, it's always nice to open a present. Unfortunately, for every gift from that special someone who knows the perfect thing to give you, there are plenty more duds from people that clearly don't know your taste. 

The situation can be even tougher for an auto enthusiast because people outside our hobby can have a very skewed understanding of what it means to be into cars. Where you might enjoy hunting down vintage Japanese performance parts online, Aunt Suzy might assume that the perfect present for you would be a crappy picture book about the Ford Mustang or a Calvin peeing on a Chevy Bowtie sticker. 

We would expect Motor1.com's knowledgeable readers to know better than to give a fellow enthusiast such an ill-advised gift. Here are the worst presents that a car fan could receive during the holidays as selected by members of the Motor1.com team.

If you want to take a gamble on a vehicle-related gift, check out the guides below or the one for female motorcycle riders from our partners at RideApart.com

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