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Coming off surprisingly strong March sales and rolling right into the sweet spot of the model year as far as showroom traffic is concerned, you’d think big-money cash rebates and cut rate financing promotions would be more difficult to come by this month.

And yet, we uncovered more than 25 models being offered this month with rebates of at least $3,000, with the 10 sweetest deals we’re featuring here featuring cash-back deals of $4,000 or more. They include some obvious sales laggards, but this list is also populated by each the four domestic-brand full-size pickup trucks that are among the hottest-selling rides on the road (and obviously intend to stay that way).

All of our top deals offer discounted financing as an alternative to the cash-back promotions, as low as zero percent for 72 months. Some models offer both a smaller rebate in addition to a low-rate financing option, which for many buyers can bring the most savings in the long run. Click here for advice on when to take the cash rebate and when to go with the cut-rate financing. And as always, since rebates and financing deals often vary from one part of the country to another due to local preferences and inventories, be sure to check automakers’ websites to see what’s being offered in your region.

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