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Though interest rates are on the rise and new-vehicle sales remain healthy, automakers’ promotional lease deals continue to be eminently affordable this month, though the best deals continue to be attached to relative sales stragglers, especially among slower-selling small cars. At that, of the 10 cheapest vehicles to lease this month, three are recently introduced subcompact crossover SUVs that still need a boost to help them stand out in what’s suddenly become a crowded market segment.

All of the models we’re featuring in the accompanying slideshow are leasing for less than $169  per month, with cash due at signing generally in the $2,000 range. The most affordable monthly payment we found was a mere $129 for the subcompact Kia Forte, while the lowest down payment was $1,433 on the Smart ForTwo Electric Drive, which is also the cheapest-to-lease electrified vehicle of any kind this side of a golf cart.

As always, be aware that the deals quoted here are, unless specified otherwise, for base models without options, fees, or licensing. Only those having top credit ratings will generally qualify for the lowest promotional lease rates; if you’re credit score is low you’ll be asked to pay more per month and/or make a higher down payment. And since these promotions often vary by region, usually to help address local supply and demand issues, always check automakers’ websites under a “special deals” or “local offers” tab to see if there’s a better deal being offered where you live.

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