Smart shoppers can lease a new car or crossover SUV for as little as $139 a month though the end of March.

While there’s still an abundance of new-vehicle lease deals this month going for $199 or less, we’re noticing down payments edging upward as interest rates rise across the board and residual values dip on certain models.

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With consumers ditching sedans of all sizes in favor of trucks and SUVs, seven of the 10 cheapest-to-lease models this month are small cars. The least-expensive of them is not only among the tiniest rides on the road, but it’s also a full-electric car, and you can park one in the garage for the cost of a daily mocha latte.

If you own or lease a General Motors vehicle, you’ll qualify for some of the most-generous down payment reductions we’ve seen on many Buick, Chevrolet, and GMC models this month. For example, current GM owners or lessees can get $3,000 off the otherwise $3,239 down payment on a Buick Encore subcompact crossover SUV that’s going for $199 a month.

As always, cited lease deals are for base versions of 2018 models without options, fees, or taxes. These deals often vary by region, based on specific supply and demand issues, so be sure to check automaker’s websites under “special deals” or “local offers” to see what’s being offered in your area. And keep in mind that leasing a vehicle, rather than buying and financing it, is not for everyone; click here for a discussion of leasing’s pros and potentially costly cons.

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