Snow emergencies are making the roads impassable, but there are still fun, automotive-related things to do at home.

Snowpocalypse is back, and the plentiful snow throughout the United States probably means that you're stuck at home until the plows can clear the roads. Don't worry, though. Just because you can't go outside, doesn't mean there aren't auto-related undertakings to enjoy. Plus, many of these are possible with little or no preparation beforehand. Although, of course, we hope that you catch up with the latest automotive news and reviews on Motor1 first before tackling any of these projects.

 Work on your car


Shell oil

Since you can't drive, take the opportunity to make sure your car is in tip-top shape. Do basic maintenance like checking fluid levels and ensuring the tires are at the proper pressure.

If you have a warm garage, this is also the perfect opportunity for tidying up. Get out the vacuum and clean off the upholstery. In addition, you can wipe the salt spray off the windows and headlights, and finally get all that loose change out of the cup holders. 

If there are some new parts sitting on your shelf, the frigid weather might also be a good change to spend time installing them.

 Read a book


Car Book

Now that the car is clean, it's time to relax. Go inside and get warm while reading an automotive-themed book. If you're looking at this Website, then you have a device capable of downloading books from Amazon's Kindle service. There's a treasure trove of car-related material there. 

We recommend Weird Cars by Michael Banovski. The book that takes a short look at 77 especially odd vehicles, like the Audi A2, Chevrolet Celebrity Eurosport VR Wagon, Hyundai Pony Coupe by Italdesign, and Matra-Simca Rancho. It's quite a fun read.

For folks who want to know more about the history of motor racing, check out Go Like Hell, Black Noon, or The Limit. This trio looks at endurance racing, the Indianapolis 500, and Formula One respectively during the 1960s. Each one combines masterful storytelling and great insights about the dangers of competing at the time.

 Watch a video

Why Buy screenshot

YouTube offers more than just cat clips. The deep snow is a perfect opportunity to catch up on Motor1’s channel. Watch a few Why Buys and impress friends later with your superior automotive knowledge.

British Pathé's collection of vintage newsreels is also full of automotive history. It even has playlist that exclusively shows vintage motorsport highlights, including clips from Le Mans, the Mille Miglia, and Isle of Man TT.

If you really want to burn some time, settle in for a feature film. For example, you can watch all of the early Steven Spielberg film Duel. The movie is a thriller about a guy in a Plymouth Valiant who is running from a diabolical Peterbilt semi truck. Think of it as Jaws with cars.

 Play a video game

Outrun screenshot

If the weather keeps you from driving a real car, then a video game offers the next best thing. Boot up your favorite console and turn some laps in Forza Motorsport or Gran Turismo

If you want to feel nostalgic, check out the Internet Arcade at the Internet Archive. There are over 600 old games there that you might remember from the local movie theater back in the day. We recommend checking out classics like Outrun or Ironman Ivan Stewart's Super Off-Road. Or dig through the selection for more obscure titles and find a new favorite.

 Get the kids involved


Lego Ford GT and GT40 Speed Champions

If you have kids, then the deep snow probably means that they are stuck inside, too. Use the weather as an opportunity make them a part of your love of cars.

Try building a model car with your kids. If you can plan ahead, tuck away a plastic kit of your favorite ride, and teach your son or daughter the fun of crafting a vehicle from a pile of plastic parts. It's a great opportunity to explain the location and purpose of basic automotive components like the engine, brakes, chassis, and suspension. 

If you don't have a kit to build, Lego blocks work great, too. You and the kids can each build your dream car while the snow piles up outside.

The bad weather can also be an opportunity to do an automotive-themed science project with the kids. This video on YouTube demonstrates how to build a rubber-band-powered fan car with common household materials.



By the time you're done trying several of these ideas, the day should be just about over. We hope the Snowpocalypse is melting in your area and snow plows are hitting the roads, so that by tomorrow the roads will be clear again. Let us know in the comments what automotive-related things you do when the weather to too harsh to go outside. 

Photo Credit: / Marian Weyo / Maksim Kabakou