2019 Audi A8L First Drive: Tons Of Teutonic Tech

"Wait a tick," you might be thinking. "Haven't I already read a first drive of the 2019 Audi A8 on Motor1?"

Well, yeah. You have. It's right here. But that first story, published just over a year ago, saw Motor1 sample Audi's flagship luxury sedan on Spanish roads while presenting a thorough breakdown of all the killer technology included with the big four-door's latest redesign. This story is different, because rather than the Spanish countryside, we're testing the new A8 on the winding, wriggling strip of tarmac that clings to the side of the California coast.

The Pacific Coast Highway is a legendary stretch of road that alternates between stunning sections of curves and twists and crippling traffic from dimwitted, gawking tourists. The reason for both of these things is the same all along the PCH, but it's especially common in Big Sur – the rocky, majestic coast that played host to the U.S. launch of the 2019 A8.

And while it's tempting to spend time staring out the window, the unique conditions along the PCH are a fine proving ground for a car like the Audi A8. Yes, a Ford Mustang Convertible is more romantic and a Mazda MX-5 Miata is more fun, but the redesigned A8's balance between its German sedan heritage and the demands of luxury shoppers makes it a fine companion for combatting the California coast.

And while we ...