2019 Audi A6 First Drive: Get Smart

Of all of Audi’s bleeding-edge technologies – its new zoomy laser headlights, the high-resolution Virtual Cockpit, and even its signature Quattro all-wheel-drive system – it’s the anti-gravity device that is surely the company’s most amazing achievement.

Haven’t heard of it? Then maybe you’ve heard of Audi’s astounding string of sales increases during its incredible turnaround in the U.S. market. Probably the most amazing component of these ongoing increases is the brand’s resistance to market’s gravitational forces. The A6 mid-size luxury sedan demonstrates this best, with accelerating sales even while customers increasingly turn to crossover SUVs.

Audi is debuting the eighth generation A6 for 2019, bringing mid-size premium car shoppers a machine with the kind of stately visual presence provided by flagship sedans a class higher, but with an attainable starting price of $58,900.

There is a good reason the new A6 has more curb presence: it’s bigger. The 2019 A6 delivers more head and shoulder room for front- and rear-seat occupants alike, a useful trait when trying to stand out amongst crossover SUVs.

2019 Audi A6: First Drive

One baffling decision on the A6’s formal, prestige-focused styling is the inclusion of fake dual ducts in the rear bumper fascia, where exhaust pipes would normally poke through. The A6 turns its exhaust tips down toward the ground right as they reach...