First Porsche Panamera Spy Photos

Here now are photos showing for the first time a test mule of Porsche’s all-new and first four-door Porsche Panamera. Since the engineers cleverly used an almost standard Cayenne for testing at Nurburgring, the difference in this prototype can be seen in all four fenders which are considerably wider - could be overlooked at a first glance.

Porsche has scheduled the launch of the new four door GT for 2009. It will be a front-engined four seater with rear and all-wheel-drive and power comes from V8 and V10 engines delivering between 340 and 600 HP. The car is supposed to cost 70 000 to 100 000 Euros. Porsche’s fifth model range will be assembled in Leipzig, Germany. Production of 20 000 units per year is forseen.

The photos are showing the mule prototype and one computer image giving an artist’s impression of how the new model may look like upon its release.

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