BMW 2-Series Cabrio and GranCoupe digitally imagined

Following last week's BMW 2-Series official reveal, Theophilus Chin has come up with several illustrations of the Cabrio and GranCoupe versions which are likely to come out in 2014.

Given BMW's latest cohesive styling approach, it's not hard to imagine the design of next year's Cabrio and GranCoupe versions of the first-ever 2-Series family. The first one likely to hit the market will be the open canvas roof variant which will be a good alternative to those who believe the 4-Series Cabrio is just too big.

The 2-Series GranCoupe is expected to be a bit longer than the 2-Series Coupe to provide more legroom for people sitting in the back. Expect to see a sloped roofline and an overall design which can be best described as a shrunken 4-Series GranCoupe.

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