Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake coming in 2015 - report

Sources within Mercedes-Benz have told Automotive News the CLA Shooting Brake will be out in 2015.

We already knew Mercedes-Benz was working on a CLA Shooting Brake but now we found out the car will be launched sometime in 2015 and will essentially look like a mini CLS Shooting Brake boasting additional rear headroom and more cargo space compared to the CLA four-door coupe.

At this moment it is not known whether the German automaker will apply the AMG treatment on the Shooting Brake but it's likely to happen since the A45 and CLA are both available in high-performance versions, while the GLA will also receive some AMG flavor.

The same report talks about slim chances of seeing a convertible or a lower and shorter roadster to come out, but they might happen on the next generation model which is due in approximately five years from now.

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