Mercedes SLS AMG to get a direct successor eventually - report

The Mercedes C190 / SLC / AMG GT was widely expected to usher in the end of the SLS AMG, but a new report is indicating the company will eventually introduce another high-end sports car.

Speaking to Motoring, former AMG CEO Ola Källenius said "We probably won’t do a Volkswagen Golf 5, 6, 7 with the SLS because of the unique gullwing doors and so on and so forth. It’s not something you just do one after the after." He added, “I am not suggesting we should wait 55 years to do the next gullwing car, but certainly not straight after the one we have done now. That needs to sit in automotive history as its own chapter.”

Källenius declined to say when the SLS AMG will ride off into the sunset but he did say it was "immensely successful" and elevated the brand to "another level."

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