Chevrolet dealers asking $10,000 over sticker for the 2014 Corvette - report

The Chevrolet Corvette carries a base price of $51,995 but if you looking to pick one up, you might be asked to pay significantly more than that.

According to Automotive News, some dealers are asking customers to pay $10,000 over the sticker price. This hasn't gone over well with consumers who have taken to the internet to vent about the price gouging.

General Motors says they can't control dealership pricing but some retailers are sticking to the suggested MSRP. As Coughlin Chevrolet Corvette sales manager Rick Conti explained, "Guys who go above sticker - that's a one-shot deal. These are customers who you're going to see again and they'll remember that."

Despite this, one dealership manager revealed they sent a mystery shopper to several rival dealerships and have been given quotes $10,000 to $20,000 over the sticker price.

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