Kia pro_cee'd GT Cabrio digitally imagined

A Kia enthusiast has digitally imagined a cabrio version of the recently launched pro_cee’d GT.

When the first generation of the Kia cee'd arrived in 2007, the firm's designer Peter Schreyer revealed the ex_cee'd concept which was essentially a soft-top variant of the three-door pro_cee'd coupe. Unfortunately, the fairly attractive concept never made it into production most likely because at that point there wasn't a market for a convertible Kia.

A lot of things have changed in the last six years and now Kia has all the reasons to launch a convertible based on the second-gen cee'd. One in the hotter GT variant would be the most appealing and could be a real success if cleverly priced.

Thanks to Miha for sending us the render!

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