BMW M3 effectively sold out - report

BMW M GmbH boss Friedrich Nitschke has revealed the current generation M3 is effectively sold out.

Speaking to Car & Driver, Nitschke said the M3 Coupe and Convertible will remain in production for approximately six more months but all the cars are spoken for.

The executive also hinted that future engines will be closely related to BMW's units but they will continue to be "optimized for the specific needs of M customers."

Nitschke downplayed the possibility of all-wheel drive variants by suggesting they would be too much of a compromise because of the added weight and loss of steering precision. The executive also feels that anyone who wants a high-performance all-wheel drive BMW can just order an X5 M or an X6 M.

When asked about BMW's new three-cylinder engine, Nitschke sounded optimistic about offering a high-performance variant. As he explained, "The three-cylinder is an attractive engine. It is possible to reach around 185 to 200 horsepower (137- 149 kW) per liter in a forced-induction three-cylinder and we have 1.5 liters of displacement." Nitschke went on to say an M-tuned three-cylinder engine could have an output in excess of 310 HP (231 kW).

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