BMW i3 available on order late July from 35,000 GBP - report

The BMW i3 will be available on order starting the end of July, according to a new report.

From that moment on clients will have the possibility of ordering the electric i3 from approximately 35,000 GBP (40,800 EUR or 53,300 USD), while the range-extender variant will cost 38,000 GBP (44,300 EUR or 57,800 USD). Deliveries are expected to start towards the end of October, following a public reveal set for September in Frankfurt.

The electric variant will offer a range between 80 miles (129 km) and 100 miles (161 km), while the range-extending model will travel for up to 186 miles (300 km). The latter is likely to use a two-cylinder gasoline engine borrowed from BMW's Motorrad (motorcycle) division.

As previously reported, i3 buyers will have the chance of renting a conventional-powered BMW for several days a year for free or at discounted prices.

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