Cadillac planning to tone-down its design - report

Cadillac's Art & Science design philosophy has been a hallmark of the brand ever since the CTS was introduced a decade ago, but a new report is indicating the company will soften its sharp lines and creases to appeal to a broader global audience - most notably China.

Reuters says the brand's distinctive styling is a turnoff in the People's Republic because of cultural leaning towards curvier designs such as those offered by Audi, BMW and Mercedes. This apparently ties into a Confucian concept that stresses harmony with smooth lines and soft curves.

Cadillac seems to agree as the brand's Chinese sales and marketing chief, Kevin Chen, has confirmed many buyers dislike the company's styling because it is too "bold" and "futuristic." This puts Cadillac in an awkward position because Chen said "If you ask our customers what's the motivation for choosing Cadillac, they would say design. If you ask Audi buyers why they don't choose Cadillac, they'd say it's too bold."

Despite this, Chen confirmed the brand will gravitate towards a "modern contemporary design" which will likely be more conservative.

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